Our Story

Melissa - Founder

Melissa started her career as a Chemical & Biological Engineer and worked in the pharmaceutical industry for over four years. Later on she completed her MBA from University of British Columbia and decided to change her career path.

It was during the off-duty moments that she finally discovered her true calling: Creating clean and effective plant-based skincare products that celebrate women’s raw beauty.

“Having a busy lifestyle seriously affected my skin and my overall health; and it was then when I realized the importance of self care. I became curious about how I can improve my complexion without putting harsh chemicals on my face everyday. Once I started experimenting with natural ingredients, I discovered the true power of botanicals and moved on to studying the science behind organic skincare. I started to create products with ingredients that were 100% natural, and served a specific purpose to help transform my complexion.”

“I switched completely to natural skincare products and never looked back! What I wanted was to create a line of products to help other women like me achieve a healthy, glowing complexion naturally, and celebrate their raw beauty without feeling the need to cover their skin with makeup.”

Inspired by personal values and her love for nature, Melissa founded MÉRV, a socially and environmentally conscious skincare line that reflects her respect for the planet.

MÉRV was named after the city of Merv (مرو), an oasis located on the southern edge of the Karakum desert. The plentiful water reserves of this ancient oasis city once made it a renowned world capital despite being in a desert.

Drawing inspiration from this once magnificent city, MÉRV was created to use the power of nature to make a difference.

Every single product from MÉRV is handcrafted and formulated with the highest quality natural ingredients to give you a healthy, glowing skin.