Our Story

Forget the endless product shelves and complicated routines. Melissa, the founder of MÉRV, felt the same frustration. As a biochemical engineer, she craved efficiency and a deeper connection to something more meaningful than just trends.

Inspired by her Persian heritage, Melissa embarked on a journey that wasn't just about skincare, it was about rediscovering a forgotten language. Imagine wandering through sun-drenched gardens, where generations of women used time-tested rituals to cultivate a radiant, natural glow. These weren't just products, they were ancient wisdom whispered on the wind.

Leveraging her scientific background, Melissa, meticulously deconstructed ancient beauty practices and identified the purest botanical ingredients used for centuries. Guided by science, she then translated this forgotten wisdom into minimalist, effective formulas. 

MÉRV isn't another clean beauty brand. It's a bridge between ancient rituals and modern science. We believe in minimalist formulas handcrafted with potent botanicals, designed to enhance your natural beauty, not cover it up. It's about revealing the inner radiance that shines brightest when nurtured by nature's wisdom.

Just like the legendary oasis city of Merv (مرو), MÉRV stands for resilience and a flourishing spirit. We empower you to create your own oasis of beauty – a daily ritual of simplicity and effectiveness, where nature's bounty works its magic.